How to make your own art school, Alternative Art School Weekender, Ugly Duck 2019. Photo Darshana Vora.

Alternative Education Resources


A list of resources, information, tools and critical writing on alternative education.

Alternative Education Counter-Cartography is a public map that offers a counter-cartography to mainstream higher education, compiled by Gary Saunders, member of the Social Science Centre. Part of a research project that links groups that think critically about higher education provision and are attempting to offer alternative models. This is intended as a living counter-cartography so you are invited to share, expand and amend as necessary; you will need to sign in to Google Maps to do this.

Encyclopaedia of Informal Education is an open, independent, non-profit resource on education, learning and change, particularly the theory and practice of informal education, community learning and development, specialist education, social pedagogy and lifelong learning. Infed was established in 1995 by a group of educators, it is supported by Developing Learning, Practice Development Research Unit, YMCA George Williams College and others.

the TEACHABLE FILE (tTF) is a working catalog of alternative art schools and a reference on education-as-art. The file delivers and demonstrates its subject by acting as both a resource for teaching and a student of its users. It forms and reforms itself through communicative action and engaged research.

Undercommoning is a network of radical organizers within, against, and beyond the neoliberal, (neo)colonial university in North America. The network provides common resources on alternatives to gentrification, commercialization, rising student debt and tuition, low wages for university staff and contract labor, and the academy’s attempts to hold a monopoly on the production of knowledge. They work in the tradition of militant inquiry: bottom-up collective learning dedicated to building community capacities for radical social change. They support alternative projects, host encounters and disseminate information to help build solidarity around radical and marginalized forms of knowledge and to sustain and amplify the undercommons; networks of struggle, study and creativity that exist within, outside and in spite of the university. Toykit is a c collection of resources, techniques, technologies, inspirations, tools, theories, interventions, blueprints, hustles, tricks, scams and tonics for the weary heart and soul.