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A co-operative art school? Workshops

A co-operative art school? Workshops

This series of workshops will explore potential models for a co-operative form of art education. The workshops are participatory and experimental, progressing through stages and open to anyone who would like to contribute. You do not have to come to all workshops, but if you can that would enhance continuity between sessions. Continue reading A co-operative art school? Workshops

Co-operative Art Education

A co-operative art school?

A co-operative art school? is a research project on co-operative education, alternative art education, radical pedagogy, self-organisation and other dimensions of a co-operative learning environment. The project is supported by an Artquest Research Residency award at the Conway Hall Humanist Library.

What would a co-operative art school look like? Who is it for and what would the benefits be? How would it work? These are some of the questions that this research project will address. If you would like to contribute please come along to the workshops or fill in the survey and scroll down for more ways of getting involved. Please check back soon, this page will be updated regularly with more information and resources. Continue reading Co-operative Art Education