Self-organisation for a co-operative art school, Antiuniversity Now! 2020.

Self-organisation for a co-operative art school – Antiuniversity Now! 2020

Self-organisation for a co-operative art school

A workshop on self-organisation and collectivity for a cooperative art school

Fri, 12 Jun 2020, 6-9pm
All welcome, please book your place
This event is part of Antinuniversity Now! Festival 2020, 6-13 June

Self-organisation for a coop art school flyer-923How would a co-operative art school work? What would the membership responsibilities be? How would we organise ourselves in a non-hierarchical way to address inequalities and include everyone in decision-making? For more information, to book and download the texts please visit

This workshop is part of A co-operative art school? a research project that explores potential models for a co-operative form of art education. It is an extended call for collaborators who want to address the problems of art education and work together to establish an alternative model to the corporatised, marketised and financialised capitalist university.

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