A co-operative art school? Flyer collage with plans of Conway Hall by Frederick Herbert Mansford, Conway Hall Humanist Library and Archives Digital Collections.

Co-operative Art Education Resources


This is an unfiltered list of resources relevant to the research project on Co-operative Art Education. It will be updated frequently and organised into sections, please check back again.

Alternative Education Counter-Cartography
Gary Saunders, Social Science Centre
This is a public map that offers a counter-cartography to mainstream higher education. This counter-cartography is part of a militant/-research project that is attempting to link groups that are thinking critically about higher education provision and are attempting to offer alternative models. This is a living counter-cartography so please feel free to share, add to and amend as necessary; however, you will need to sign in to Google Maps to do this.

Co-operative College
1919 Manchester
A charitable trust set up to deliver programmes of training and education on co-operative values, ideas and principles within co-operatives, communities and society more broadly. It also works with partners in the co-operative movement and higher education to research the historical and contemporary role of co-operation.

Social Science Centre
Mailing list for discussion relating to co-operative higher education and co-operative universities.

Co-operatives UK
1869 Manchester
Originally called the Co-operative Central Board and then the Co-operative Union, Co-ops UK is a co-operative federation that represents co-operative enterprises in the UK.

Co-operative Universities: A Bibliography
Joss Winn, Social Science Centre
Articles, reports, presentations and book chapters on the topic of co-operative university, with a focus on co-operative ownership and co-operative governance of higher education institutions.

Co-operative University
Co-operative College
Currently under development, the Co-operative University will offer accredited programmes in higher education to all, regardless of previous academic achievement. Students will be introduced to  skills in collaborative learning and the university will be governed by an elected board with staff and student representation.

2015 Amsterdam

Platform that provides online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization. They provide free and secure email accounts, Cloud storage powered by Nextcloud, discussion Forum and mailing list powered by Discourse, XMPP instant messaging  and tools for collaborative work such as Disroot pads powered by Etherpad, Calc online spreadsheets powered by EtherCalc, Project Board, a project management tool powered by Taiga, among others.

Feral Art School
2018 Hull
A co-operative art school of professional artists and educators who encourage experimentation and collaboration. Feral Art School is takes place across the city in a range of venues. They invite students from all walks of life who have a curiosity for engaging with and making art work, regardless of previous experience and skills. Their courses progress from general introductory level to more advanced levels.

Field, The
2014 New Cross
The Field is an independent, co-operatively run social and educational project, that is not-for-profit and run by its members. Through local political action, radical education, mutual care, solidarity, shared resources and collective service provision, The Field creates a space to explore alternatives to the inequality, competition and exploitation of capitalism.

Footprint Workers Co-operative
2000 Leeds
A small ecologically minded co-operative printers based in Leeds. All workers are members and joint owners of the cooperative. They print books, booklets, zines, leaflets, stickers, newsletters and fliers at affordable prices and a wide range of quality.

International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
1895 Brussels
a non-governmental co-operative federation, which unites, represents and serves cooperatives and the co-operative movement worldwide. ICA maintains the internationally recognised definition of a co-operative in the Statement on the Co-operative Identity. The ICA represents 313 co-operative federations and organisations and 1,2 billion cooperative members in 109 countries.

Mondragon University
1997 Arrasate, Mondragón, Spain
A non-profit co-operative university, which belongs to the Mondragon Corporation, a federation of worker co-operatives in the Basque region of Spain. It was created by the association of three educational co-operatives and offers postgraduate courses, on-demand courses and long and short-term courses for students and workers in Engineering, Business Studies, Humanities and Education. The university involves students and staff in decision-making, including staff salaries and fees. It carries out research and it has a close association with other co-operatives where students carry out work placements, according to a practical teaching methodology called the Mendeberri Project.

Open Organisations Project
Indymedia UK London Working Group
A framework for a functional organizational structure that people can choose to adopt when working together. It proposes solutions to help set up and maintain transparent, accountable and  participative communities. The project emerged as a result of widespread dissatisfaction with the formal and informal power structures in governments, corporations and voluntary or activist groups. Informal structures are hidden and difficult to challenge, identify and discuss. This is a major cause of conflict in activist and volunteer groups, which takes up a lot of time and energy, and has a demoralising effect on individual groups and on the movements they are involved in.

2010 Zurich
Openki.net is an interactive web-platform that facilitates the organization of peer-to-peer courses for barrier-free access to education for everyone. Initiated by activists from Autonomous School Zurich in 2010, it is part of an evolving, co-created toolbox for self-organized education and self-organization. The platform is here.

Radical Routes
1992 Leeds
Radical Routes is a federation of radical co-ops that are committed to working for positive social change. The network is made up mainly of housing co-ops, workers’ co-ops and social centres. Radical Routes support their member co-ops with a mutual aid structure, training workshops, practical support and loan finance via their ethical investment arm Rootstock. They organise four national gatherings per year, these are open to the public and host meetings, socials and a programme of introductory workshops for new members. They also publish guides and online resources for co-operatives.

RED Learning Co-operative
2018 Oxford
A group of cooperators who conduct research and run collaborative education and training that leads to social change.

Seeds for Change
2000 Lancaster
A workers’ co-op of campaigners offering training, meeting facilitation and resources for groups and organisations that are confronting injustice and building sustainable alternatives. They offer training and meeting facilitation, and an extensive list of publications and online resources on collective organising, consensus decision making, developing strategies, campaign and action skills, setting up groups and co-ops, co-operative governance and training for trainers.

Social Science Centre (SSC) 
2011-2019 Lincoln
The SSC was an experiment in free, co-operative higher education. It was created as a critique of and an alternative to higher education in the UK.  Former members of the Centre are currently developing a Co-operative University with degree-awarding powers. The SSC offered free higher education in Lincoln and was run by its members. It was formally constituted in May 2011 with help from the local Co-operative Development Agency. There was no fee for learning or teaching, members contributed financially or with their time on a voluntary basis.