Sophia Kosmaoglou Personal scales (still-life), 1994. Bathroom scales, glass, 90 x 190 x 45 cm

Personal Scales (1994)

Personal scales (still-life), 1994 Bathroom scales, glass, 90 x 190 x 45 cm.
Personal scales (still-life), 1994. Bathroom scales, glass, 90 x 190 x 45 cm

i Every unit occupies a specific point in space and time, which is relative to all others, this point is not static. Each unit is defined by its relation to all others.

i.i The relative states of coexistence and friction between units or individuals produces the desire for equilibrium. Causal processes are the expressive interrelations between units. The unit is susceptible to changes and able to cause changes and fluctuations in the midst of the whole. To be examined, the unit is isolated, but all relations act as invisible strings between unit and whole. It is pulled back into place, since it arose out of the whole, it is inseparable from it and constantly refers to the whole.

i.ii In states of affairs, contact between things demands adaptation. Any new thing, (the creation of diversity from pre-existing forms) emerges as the result of an adaptive process. Open systems require a continuous exchange with the environment. The constant fluctuation of the environment- and the constant need of the unit to tap vital elements from its environment; these are the parameters that define the unit – the unit is defined by its position between the environment and itself.

i.iii In relatively stable dynamic systems, the equilibration of forces maintains stability. Under normal conditions the self-asserting tendencies of the individual are dynamically balanced by its dependence on participation in the community. The unit is a parameter in the continuously fluctuating state of nature. A stable state is therefore relative; parameters may change and are therefore always followed by modifications. If a single variable changes, it will be followed by a collective transposition.

ii A scale is a tool for evaluation; not a moral or qualitative evaluation, but an evaluation of weight, quantity or pressure. These are relative values. The scales appear to be identical to each other, but their unique place in relation to each other generates a complex, diversified configuration.

iii The personal scales are a cross-section exposing a state of affairs. As a logical action, it lacks the vitality of real life. A dissection produces a static object exposed for observation. The scales cannot cause a fluctuation of their own accord.


EXHIBITIONS Body Politic, The Factory, School of Fine Art, Athens, 1994
School of Fine Art Graduate Exhibition 1995, National Gallery, Athens,ย 1996 (Cat)
COURTESY Athens School of Fine Art, Gregory Papadimitriou & the artist EDITION 2 + artist’s copy
Sophia Kosmaoglou PERSONAL SCALES (1994)
Bathroom scales, glass, 90 x 190 x 45 cm.